eminem history

eminem is one of the greatest rappers of all time and he had a sad and tough backstory keep reading to hear the full story of EMINEM!

when eminen was a kid he lived in what he called a black neighbourhood (a naighbourhood where every one was a black and they could rap) he was bullied lots about how he was white and he was a rap fan. Once someone hit him so hard with a snowball it gave him brain damage. his mum was a mean dope hanger. she hid pills in the kitchen. She would yell very loud. and then when he grew up and was like 20 he lived in a trailor with his mum. he was rapping with his friends. they even had a job at a burger place. Then he started making an EP called the slim shady EP (slim shady was another nick name) and then when he finished he played it to someone. That someone loved it so much he handed it over to dr dre. Dr dre was the owner of a record label he wanted eminem to be a rapper on his record label. Dr dre changed the Slim shady EP to the slim shady LP. Dr dre wanted it to be 20 songs. So eminem started making some new songs. then dre wanted eminem to star on his album 2001. He starred in the songs The watcher, What’s the diffrence and Forgot about Dre. A month later the slim shady LP was released. the album cover looked like this

It’s number one single was My name is. He started to make a new album. it was called the marshall mathers LP. It did even better than the last album. And it had way more hits like Stan, The way i am, the real slim shady. It was a great album.
He was very famous but he got a lot of discrimination towards him. People though that since he was white they wouldn’t wan’t their kids listening to him. then in 2002 he made his album called the eminem show
infact it’s my favourite album of his. his number 1 hit on that album was Without me. his second was cleanin’ out my closet. then he made a MOVIE!! in the same year. The movie was called 8 mile. the fact that a rapper could make a HUGE album and a HUGE movie is fricking awesome

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