Fi horror recaps number 7 bride of chucky 1998 (ronny yu)

I loved this movie so much. chucky was so funny. And I love how they made it comedy, horror, gorey, crazy, dumb (in a good way) it was jennifer tilly’s first chucky movie voicing chucky’s bride tiffany. He’s reunited with his girlfriend he had before he was killed by the cops and transfers his soul into the good guy doll. Then she gets her soul transferred into the bride doll (well chucky kills her to do so). And the whole story of how everyone thinks it’s jessie and jade who are the killers on their honeymoon. One of the funniest parts of the movie is where tiffany makes meatballs and cookies and then they get REALLY mad over who cleans the dishes. Tiffany goes way too far. And the cops chasing them is just stupid. They seriously try to seperate jessie and jade (well they get killed) speaking of killed 

14 people died in it. My least favourite kill is chucky. He literally just gets shot (wow I thought charles lee ray’s death was bad) my favourite kill is damien. Chucky pulls his LipRing out and blood goes everywhere. And then strangles him with a pillow (awesome) 

I hope you enjoyed this episode of FI horror recaps.

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