Fi horror recaps Misery 1990 (Rob Reiner)

Misery (film) | Stephen King Wiki | Fandom 7.5 out of 10 

I liked this movie a lot. It was quite creepy. It’s about an author who writes a series called misery. And his biggest fan is Annie who is a crazy psycho nurse. And he finds out she is crazy. And the scene where Annie gets a block of wood and puts it in between his legs and gets a sledge hammer and chops his freakin’ leg to the wood and then he breaks his ankle. That lady was freaky. And at the end there were lot’s of good part’s like when he finds this lady who says i’m your biggest fan in the way annie did. It’s very funny seeing her rage. Like when Paul swears and she gets really mad because she hates swearing. Then Paul tells her everyone talks like that. Then her face goes right red and she screams 

They do not do you think I go to the store and yell can I get some F ing groceries. Or do you think I go to the bank and say give me my bitchly money I DO NOT! 

That cracked me up. 

2 people died in this movie. I usually love movies with like quadruple the times of the kills in horror movies but i’ve seen movies with no kills that are great so i’m not disappointed about it. The first kill was the detective. Annie shoots him and he falls on the steps. And the second kill was annie! She dies in this battle between her and paul and paul punches her and stabs her and throws the typewriter at her 

It was brutal. 

And also I loved how since she doesn’t swear she says stuff like 


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