FI horror recaps number 13 Killer Klowns From Outer Space

4.5 out of 10 

Killer Klowns from Outer Space | Clownopedia | Fandom

I didn’t really like this movie. Some stuff I enjoyed and thought was funny. But loads of it failed. It was cheeseballs! It is now the worst horror movie i’ve seen. Like I don’t even think it should be a horror movie it’s so cringe. 

Quite a lot of kills. 41 kills. My least favourite was the dog poo (yes his name is poo) he gets killed off screen. Stupid. My favourite kill is the dude who gets decapitated. It’s a funny scene. The clown goes on a bike and this dude breaks it trying to be funny when the clown acts sad and goes to space comes back wearing boxer gloves. And he punches the guy decapitating him and his head falls in the rubbish bin. So yeah this movie was okay. I wouldn’t say it was a BAD movie. If you love comedy horror movies like seed of chucky or any crazy comedy freaky movie I suggest you watch this. It’s actually quite funny and good sometimes. But It also got boring. It’s only 80 minutes and feels like 2 hours. And some people in it are unlikeable and stupid and cringey. Like the dudes who sell ice cream. And that NEVER had to happen. They’re just random characters. I know they come and help to kill the clowns but they never do anything. So they’re just characters for no reason. So It was not the greatest movie (in fact of course it wasn’t I give it 4.5 stars)

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