It chapter 1 horror recaps

It (2017 film) - Wikipedia

9.5 out of 10

this movie is amazing. It’s about a killer clown that comes to haunt seven kids. And their are some un-scary scenes of just the kids hanging out and I might enjoy them MORE than the scary scenes. One really good scene is when there are 3 doors. One says Not Scary at all. One says Very Scary. One says Scary. But when they go in the Not Scary at all door there is a girl with NO LEGS. It has quite a sweet story to it as well. I did a swear word count and seriously there’s

30 S words and 61 Fbombs so be awear of that

3 kills

the best kill is Georgie. His hand gets bitten off by the clown. It’s the scariest scene in the movie. You see the Clown’s Teeth. THEY ARE TERRIFYING (don’t believe me then look)

IT: Chapter 2' Set Photos Reveal Pennywise Lurking In A Swamp

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