O4AWESOME Ep. 2 (Among Us Is Dead)

last year 2020 Among Us was my favourite video game. It was so popular. And it made millions of dollars.

But now it sucks ass. Here is why…

So December 2020′ the creators said they were going to make a new map for the game. An update. I was so excited! I was the biggest Among Us player I was a pro then. But when the update came it started by having to have your parent’s email and permission to play. It sucked but wasn’t enough to make me stop playing. I got my mum’s email and then when I played a match you couldn’t type in the chat you had to pick from the things you can say. I thought man… this game is changing. But the new map hadn’t came out yet. When it did I had a go on my mum’s phone. It was pretty good but I hated the chat and the map was so big that you couldn’t find anyone. When you were the imposter it would be hard to kill. Then I got it on my ChromeBook which I am using to write on now. Anyways when I played’ your avatars looked different. Before the update they looked like this

When I played they looked like pink blobs of nothing. When you played as normal characters you could buy Mini Crewmates for like $2 and they looked like this

If you buy those when you’re a pink blob then your STUPID it would look like crap. I feel bad for the creators of the game because they thought the update would be amazing but it actually lost players. It only got boring a couple of months ago and I miss the new Among Us (HASHTAG BRING BACK OLD AMONG US). Minecraft and Roblox have little updates which make the game (or games) better. They don’t change the whole freaking game. That’s why ROBLOX and Minecraft are so popular. Minecraft is 10 years old (BRAH!). And it is still the most popular game in the whole world. Roblox isn’t as popular as Minecraft is but it’s 15! Years old and still HUGELY popular. InnerSloth (creators of the game) you did a good job with Among Us. It was the second most Iconic game in the world last year and with all those new updates you ruined you chances of becoming HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For ages


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