O4AWESOME Ep 3 (Top 15 Regular Show episodes)

I’m back with O4AWESOME. I recently finished the Cartoon Network show Regular Show. In todays episode I am going to do the top 15 Regular Show episodes 

I will do 2 from each season but only 1 from season 1 because it only has 12 episodes. Welcome to top 15 best Regular Show episodes 

Regular Show. A show that teaches you about life, how to live it, and my  mom. OOOHHHHHHHHHH!! | Regular show, Cartoon shows, Cartoon network shows

 15. Finale 

Ok so this is an AMAZING episode!!!! It’s the end of the Regular Show and very very sad.. In this you see the last battle and POPS dies and then they go back to earth and a lot of stuff happens. The song Heroes by David Bowie plays and they all grow up and it’s very sweet 

14. Can You Ear Me Now 

This episode is just classic and funny. Basically Mordecai and Rigby go to a planet but everyone there is EARS! And they get very offended by loud noises. This isn’t anything special it’s just amazingly funny 

13 Birthday Gift 

This is good because you see Rigby trying to be a good friend to Mordecai which you don’t see very often. When Rigby thinks that his birthday gift for him is really bad he takes the risk to make his own video game

12 Rigby’s Graduation Day Special 

Rigby has always been quite D U M B and in this episode he graduates high school. But he’s 23. And at the end Rigby does a speech and it is so epic and sweet. This is just pretty good but wait until number 1 

11 Lunch Break 

This episode is W E I R D in a good way. They order a HUGE!!! Sandwich that Benson pays for and he says he will fire them from working at the park if they don’t finish it before the end of lunch. And when they do so they talk about them having bad memories with food 

This episode is weird but hella funny 

The white elephant gift exchange

This is a very funny episode. In this episode they try to prank muscle man 

10 Wall Buddy 

In this episode Rigby doesn’t want to tidy his side of the room. So he puts a wall on each other’s side of the room and puts his junk on Mordecai’s side. This episode is funny 

9 Tants 

In this episode Pops buys them Tants (Pants that are tables COME ON). Then they ruin them and they have to get them back this episode is super funny go check it out 

8.  EXIT 9B 

This is an episode where all the bad guys from the show come back to battle. This is one of the best episodes ever. It’s twice as long as normal episodes. It’s 20 minutes this episode isn’t even funny, it’s EPIC!

7. Pie Contest 

In this episode Moredcai and Rigby judge the pies but they don’t wanna hurt people’s feelings. Then a real life pie comes to life to help them. But he is evil. This episode is so funny that when I watched it I exploded 

6. Best Burger In The World 

A burger truck comes to the park and Mordecai and rigby want to go but they need to finish their jobs. This episode is funny and it makes me want a burger. Luckily I am having one for dinner tonight. 

5. Rap It Up 

In this episode POPS tries to rap. But he is a noob and he gets destroyed by these pro rappers! I love this episode because I love Rap (EMINEM RULES!) 

4. Ello Gov’nor 

In this episode Rigby watches a horror movie about this killer car and then gets haunted by it. I love scary movies. This is a riff on Christine which I still haven’t seen but I will (and I will do a horror recaps on it) 

3. Jink 

Rigby gets Jink and is haunted by a monster. This episode is really really really good and I hope you enjoy it too. 

2. Mordecai And The Rigby’s 

THIS EPISODE IS GREAT. Mordecai and rigby form a band but they don’t know any songs and they go in competition with other artists 

1. Caffeinated Concert Tickets 

This episode RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In this episode they do jobs so they can get tickets to a concert. And they use coffee to stay awake. And then they accidentally drink a very sleepy tea before they go to the concert 

Thanks for ready FI fans 

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