O4AWESOME Episode 5 (8Mile Movie Review)

welcome to the first O4AWESOME Music Monday post. From now on every monday I talk about music. They are called music monday posts. (PS they are still part of O4AWESOME)

Eminem is my favourite rapper. And the fact that there is a movie about him is fricking insane

It’s called 8Mile

It has over 200! F words so it’s obvious that It is an R rated movie. I like this movie a lot. I also wish that he actualy was eminem in the movie not B-Rabbit or Bunny Rabbit or what ever the hell you call him. I like the scenes where he goes out and fights other rap groups. Like the whole 313 VS The FreeWorld is real cool. I LOVE the rap battles. And the other thing that’s crazy about him having his own movie is that in the same year (2002) He had a Multi-Millionare album. It’s called The Eminem Show. My second favourite album if you wanted to know (You probably didn’t). When every they do rap battles they rap about the same BS every time about him being white, his girlfriend cheating on him, his idiotic friend who shot himself and how he lives in a traler with his mum. And at the end eminem raps dissing the freeworld and also admitting to all of those stuff and then the other raps have nothing to roast him about and he wins the battle and then the movie ends. Playing eminems amazing song that almost everyone knows and no one hates

Lose Yourself

this movie is also good because of how we get to see eminem act. He is a good actor. He can even bloody sing so… He is pretty talented. even if you don’t like rappers (like one of my friends I won’t say his name) then you must think that he is talented. If not then you might want to go and get your brain checked.

Thanks for reading see you on wenesday maybe talking about video games. (probably roblox)

or maybe MineCraft but it might not even do a video game O4AWESOME episode

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