Ok so this is a little little post and all it is is me ranking the Star Wars movies from worst to best

9. 1.5 stars Attack Of The Clones (horrible)

8. 5 stars The Phantom Meanis (Good but a bit slow)

7. 5.2 stars The Last Jedi (Good but I can’t remeber it that well)

6. 5.5 stars The Force Awakens (Good)

5. 6 Rise Of The Skywalker (Good but too long) (and epic)

4. 8 stars Revenge Of The Sith (Really Good and epic)

3 8.5 Return Of The Jedi (Really Really Good)

2. 9.5 Stars A New Hope (Super Awesome!)

  1. 10 stars Empire Strikes Back (Super Awesome! And very very very epic)

thanks for reading I will write again on Thursday

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