O4AWESOME Ep 8 (Relapse EMINEM Review)

Before we get into the Eminem relapse review I need to say a few things

I’m sorry I said I’ll post every monday thursday and satarday even tho I wen’t on a break for like 2 or 3 weeks. And also my last Horror Recaps was It chapter 2: Well I have a few horror recaps (by the way they aren’t O4AWESOME posts) And they are going to be

Nightmare On Elm Street (which is such a classic I can’t believe I didn’t watch it sooner than I did)


ZombieLand Double Tab

The Mist (I forgot to do it but I watched it ages ago)

and I will watch some Friday The 13th movies so you have a lot more horror posts coming soon. Next week you will get most of those promised posts. Thank you.

So a couple of days ago I played ROBLOX! And I thought, I’m such a big EMINEM fan I need to listen to the albums that I hadn’t heard. And the next one I needed to hear was ENCORE. But I’ve heard many songs from that album that I just didn’t want to so I’ll do it another time. And then I was scrolling down his albums and I saw Relapse. And I almost hadn’t heard a song from that so obviously I chose Relapse

This album was pretty good. People hate this album. I did not hate it. It had some really rude songs with pretty explicit sexual content like the song Insane. The song Insane is good but I have mixed fellings with it. It’s like the chorus is really good! And the beat is dope! His ryming is fire the lyircs not so dope not so fire not so good. I mean some of it is funny when he’s mocking his Mum and how she was mean to him. And the starting song 3AM was pretty good. I really enjoyed listening to a full eminem album so I’m gonna do more of that (which means more reviews) And I won’t just do Eminem. Also Eminem’s songs in this album have to do with drugs. The main song to do with drugs is the song Must Be The Ganga (If I’m spelling that right). And in the chorus to the song he uses this weird sort of Italian accent. And even worse that’s not the only song where he puts on an accent. In the song My Mom he does the same thing. My Mom is pretty catchy tho. He made 2 songs on this album with Dr Dre which were good they made a song called For Old Time’s Sake and something else I can’t remeber. He did one with 50 Cent aswell. This was the album after ENCORE and he was on a break for 5 years after ENCORE. People thought he quit rap. But loads of the songs on this album talk about his break and coming back. The main songs that talk about it are Hello and Underground. For me I didn’t like the song Hello. It was trying to hard to be like My Name Is and it failed. The lyircs of the chorus are these

Hello my name is SHADY it’s so nice to MEET YOU!

like brah it just is to much like My name is

so if you wanna listen to the album then search up Relapse see you next week with some horror recaps


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