FI Horror Recaps Number 23 Friday The 13th Part 2

This is the second movie to Friday The 13th. I honestly think this movie is a bit better than the original but only because it gets into it straight away with action and killing (loads of gore). But I like it a bit more I think because Jason kills in it. Seeing his Mum kill for him is good tho. The thing that is confusing is that in the first one she’s fighting because of the death of Jason then Jason kills for the death of his Mum. So isn’t he dead! I haven’t seen any other movies of friday the 13th apart from part 1 & 2 but I know that he’s dead in a new begining and then in the next movie Jason Lives he’s alive again. What the heck Friday The 13th! Is he dead or alive. Make up your mind. Jason kills in this one but he doesn’t have his Iconic mask. He’s wearing a bag over his head in this one. But in part 3 he’ll get his awesome horror mask

Part 2

Part 3

And also there’s a bit of pointless ness (probs not a word but I don’t give!) But hey isn’t that every friday movie. It’s a really good movie and there is one partticular scene I freakin LOVE! Is the scene where this girl thinks someone’s in her house and there is a whole horror build up. Then she goes in her fridge to get something to eat and there’s a choped off head in the fridge and BOOM! Jason stabs her. It’s the opening scene of the movie.

So reviews and kills over. This was a great movie 9 out of 10 see you in the next one

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