Top 10 Best EMINEM Songs with other artists

10. Lucky You

In This song eminem and Joyner Lucas rap about how bad mumble rappers are and how they want more awards and how they don’t just work hard for them. I thought this song was really cool and I think they both rapped really well and the beat was nice his rhymes were good just a pretty sick song and It got the mumble rapper Migos really roasted!

9. Bitch Please II (Pardon My French but it’s the name of the song)

This song had a really really dope beat and it had the OG’s in it Dr. Dre Snoop Dogg Xzibit & Nate Dogg. Just a good 2000 song and I love listening to it. Check it out

8. Remember The Name

this song is by Ed Sheran and Eminem & 50 Cent are on it. Usually Ed Sheran sucks but in this song he raps so… I think that it’s fine. But if Eminem wasn’t on this then this probably wouldn’t be that good.

7. Old Time’s Sake

This is when eminem started sounding more new so he had one more song with dr. dre and It’s awesome. You should deffinitly give it a try I thought it was cool to see him sound more like 2000 style

6. Airplanes II

This song is by B.o.B but Em stars on it. He’s only on it for like 50 seconds but it’s still a great song and I think it deserves to be on this list

5. Forgot About Dre.

This song is on Dr. Dre’s album 2001 (even tho it was made in 1999) And eminem does the chorus and a verse. Really good song 100% worth a listen

4. Godzilla

this song he raps with Juice WRLD (yes he’s a mumble rapper he’s still good!) (also in the music video em pukes legos)

3. Homicide

This song is with Logic and Eminem and this song isn’t anything special except it’s awesome!

2. Guilty Conscience

this song is featuring Dr. Dre

  1. Stan. now this song isn’t really made with her he stole the song but she’s in the music video and everything so I’m counting it. This is so popular and awesome

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