FI Horror Recaps Number 26 Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter

Ok so let me get this straight. This movie is called the final chapter. But it’s the fourth movie out of 12

This movie was deffinitly not as good as the first 3. I think it was pretty good. It had good kills and good moments. But it just went a bit slow and loads of it was just teenagers doing teenager things because it’s a friday the 13th movie. But in the other movies it felt like they needed to do it. And they didn’t do it for that long either. I think it’s a bit stupid they made it called the final chapter and then Jason dies and then in the fifth one he’s dead and in the 6th one he’s alive again. Come on friday the 13th! You are trying to annoy us now! I actually like Tommy the little kid in this movie he’s cool. And he was in The Goonies.

So yeah it’s the weakest so far of what I’ve seen but still it deserves a

6 out of 10. And there will be loads more horror recaps this weekend and next week so look forward to that

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