FI Horror Recaps Number 27 Friday The 13th Part V A New Begining

This movie was good but it wasn’t needed. Jason isn’t in this one it’s just some random pychopath dude. But it would be good if it was in another series. I’m fine with Jason being dead but he’s back in part 6 Jason Lives so why the heck did they make this! It’s funny and really gory which I enjoyed. But I would much rather watch any of the first 3. It may sound like I dislike this movie. No I like it it’s just… Jason didn’t need to die in part 4. And I heard that the actor of Tommy killed Jason in number 4 but only in he stayed dead for a wee while

It’s all your fault Tommy.

And the fat guy who eat’s chocalate is very funny to watch (even tho he’s in it for like 3 mins watch the video)

And the old lady who swears a lot is funny

So I’ll give this a 7 out of 10

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