FI Horror Recaps Number 42 Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare

Before we start this I wanna say one thing. I was way to nice to part 4 & 5 of nightmare on elm street in my horror recaps both of them are quite boring. But they don’t suck.

this is the 6th movie to nightmare on elm street and people hate it. I loved it but I can see why people dislike it. Firstly the whole movie is just freddy going around messing with people and being a total goofball. I like that type of freddy. I love the video game parody and the ear infection kill. I think this is a great movie that is WAY to hated. But I will say it got a little bit bad after the first 20 minutes. And then as soon as freddy came in it again it just started getting good. I also hate freddy with no make up. It’s BS! Nothing is good about it. It’s just dumb. It’s a very simple movie. It has bad acting but that’s quite funny to watch. And when freddy dies his head blows up and it looks awful but its super funny

IT DOESNT EVEN HIT THE DAMN SCREEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I give this a 7.5

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