FI Horror Recaps Number 57 Halloween 4: The Reaturn Of Michael Myhers

This movie is decent. I like the storyline with the little girl even tho it’s SOOOOOOOOOOO basic. It’s not as good as Halloween II and no where NEAR halloween I BUT it’s WAY better than Halloween III

I hate how they brang back that awful doctor from II. It’s quite dark the whole him going after a little girl who’s like I don’t know 8 years old! I’m also glad that Michael is back to killing and he aint messing around. The ending is such an awesome dark cliff hanger that sets up Halloween 5: Which I’ll review soon. I’m not gonna spoil it now but I MIGHT have to spoil it in the next review. I’ll give you a clue


I give this a 5.5 out of 10

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