FI Horror Recaps #64: Halloween Kills

I am bringing back FI horror recaps!

Halloween Kills 2022

This movie was pretty good.

I mean, no where near as good as Halloween I, obviously. DUH!

Not as good as Halloween II, better than Halloween III (Because halloween 3 was straight up GARBAGE) and better than Halloween IV by a little. I’m not even gonna bother watching Halloween V and the remakes, because aparently the series goes down hill fast.

But, this movie felt like a requal. Reboot, sequal. Scream V made that up in the new film. I mean, I like this film but it doesn’t really need to excist. It’s just Michael Myers, killing a bunch of people. Meanwhile the old gang try to defeat him again, and they don’t do anything for most of it. They just say random stuff like ‘THIS ENDS TONIGHT!’ Or whatever the old man says 🤣

In Halloween II it was ‘I SHOT HIM SIX TIIIIMES!’

Solid 6 out of 10, just above mid. Nothing bad, nothing awesome. Nothing more, nothing less.

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