simpsons scenes

1 really really lame 2 lady’s clothes 3 homer the famous guy 4 looking after maggie 5 poisonous donut 6 funzo 7 toy attack at the wherehouse 8 grass 9 parking ticket 10 do the bartman 11 sideshow bob 12 holiday 13 funky monkey 14 the wrong cartoon 15 ipee nightly 16 in the bear tonight 17 duck duck goose 18 donuts 19 christmas 20 Tom hanks comes back with Collin hanks 21 bart gets a phone 22 sideshow bob’s slaves 23 cats

The Oscar Shop

When Fascinating Inspires is so cool I’m going to have a shop called The Oscar Shop. It will have stuff from my movies. There will be a box full of my movies on DVD for $210 and a box full of every Sam oh Sam season on DVD for $220 and a box with Sam oh Sam toys of the whole family with the stuff they sometimes use.