The Live America

There is an episode of Sam oh Sam where they see on TV there is a magic show in 2 weeks. John has the idea to sneak into Zack’s base where he practices his magic. John puts stuff in the wand and at the show his spell is all wrong and it makes America turn from cartoon to real life. And the best thing is Sam and John go to McDonald’s and real people give them food and they get real ice cream and frozen coke. Sam goes up to his room , gets his guitar, Emma yells “Sam come down here and eat your breakfast” and they have waffles. Sam eats it, he says “Emma can I have an Oreo. She gives him the packet. He helps himself . At the end Zack undoes the curse and Sam says “noooooo, you dumb idiot, I like it like it was before when I wasn’t a cartoon.” Then Zack gets a rubber and rubs Sam out. Sam says “damn it !!!!!!!! ” The End. Credits.

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