FI Horror Recaps Number 27 Friday The 13th Part V A New Begining

This movie was good but it wasn’t needed. Jason isn’t in this one it’s just some random pychopath dude. But it would be good if it was in another series. I’m fine with Jason being dead but he’s back in part 6 Jason Lives so why the heck did they make this! It’s funny and really gory which I enjoyed. But I would much rather watch any of the first 3. It may sound like I dislike this movie. No I like it it’s just… Jason didn’t need to die in part 4. And I heard that the actor of Tommy killed Jason in number 4 but only in he stayed dead for a wee while

It’s all your fault Tommy.

And the fat guy who eat’s chocalate is very funny to watch (even tho he’s in it for like 3 mins watch the video)

And the old lady who swears a lot is funny

So I’ll give this a 7 out of 10

FI Horror Recaps Number 26 Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter

Ok so let me get this straight. This movie is called the final chapter. But it’s the fourth movie out of 12

This movie was deffinitly not as good as the first 3. I think it was pretty good. It had good kills and good moments. But it just went a bit slow and loads of it was just teenagers doing teenager things because it’s a friday the 13th movie. But in the other movies it felt like they needed to do it. And they didn’t do it for that long either. I think it’s a bit stupid they made it called the final chapter and then Jason dies and then in the fifth one he’s dead and in the 6th one he’s alive again. Come on friday the 13th! You are trying to annoy us now! I actually like Tommy the little kid in this movie he’s cool. And he was in The Goonies.

So yeah it’s the weakest so far of what I’ve seen but still it deserves a

6 out of 10. And there will be loads more horror recaps this weekend and next week so look forward to that

Horror Movie WatchList

Ok. So these are the horror movies I want to watch…

I know what you did last summer

9. Happy Death Day

Happy Death Day 2 U



Cult Of Chucky


there would hve been other movies on this list like Scream & Annabell but I’m watching them this weekend so no need

FI Horror Reacps Number 25 Friday The 13th Part 3

So this is the third movie to the Friday The 13th. I really enjoyed it. It had a lot of gorey kills

And It was good to see Jason in the hockey mask. There was this funny loon called Shelly and he pretend to die so many times so when he did they all thought he was joking. There was even some funny scenes in this. Not much tho. It’s pretty scary. All of these movies are the same. Bunch of weird teenagers driving a truck, a stupid skinny dipping scene (gross), All at a camp ground. But in the next one it’s not at a camp ground so I’m looking forward to that. There is this awesome kill right here

(watch the video I dare you!!)

This movie had 12 Kills! My Favourite was the handstand one. And I don’t have a least favourite but I will say there was a kind of good-ish bad kill where he sqeuzes this guy’s head to death.

It’s awesome but it’s so obviously a fake head look at this

Tommorow I’m gonna watch 2 horror movies and on saturday i’m watching 4!!!!!! Horror movies and there all classics so I’m gonna need to do 6 so there’s gonna be a lot of horror movie recaps next week! So 100% stay chuned and comment on this and tell me whether you like horror movies cuz there epic or you dislike horror movies cuz they freak you out

SPOOK YA!!!!!!!!!!!

So just a little update I am working on a script for little episodes and I’m calling it Spook Ya! I’m on the first episode and when I’m finished (like next week) I will share it here! It’s about these monsters who disguise themselves as humans in the day and at night they turn back into monsters and kill humans. It’s kind of safe at day time but not at night

I have some Ideas

  1. Fear On 8 Legs
  2. Nightime Is FrightTime
  3. Open Wide (Attack of the killer dentist van)
  4. Zombies & more

Top 10 Best EMINEM Songs with other artists

10. Lucky You

In This song eminem and Joyner Lucas rap about how bad mumble rappers are and how they want more awards and how they don’t just work hard for them. I thought this song was really cool and I think they both rapped really well and the beat was nice his rhymes were good just a pretty sick song and It got the mumble rapper Migos really roasted!

9. Bitch Please II (Pardon My French but it’s the name of the song)

This song had a really really dope beat and it had the OG’s in it Dr. Dre Snoop Dogg Xzibit & Nate Dogg. Just a good 2000 song and I love listening to it. Check it out

8. Remember The Name

this song is by Ed Sheran and Eminem & 50 Cent are on it. Usually Ed Sheran sucks but in this song he raps so… I think that it’s fine. But if Eminem wasn’t on this then this probably wouldn’t be that good.

7. Old Time’s Sake

This is when eminem started sounding more new so he had one more song with dr. dre and It’s awesome. You should deffinitly give it a try I thought it was cool to see him sound more like 2000 style

6. Airplanes II

This song is by B.o.B but Em stars on it. He’s only on it for like 50 seconds but it’s still a great song and I think it deserves to be on this list

5. Forgot About Dre.

This song is on Dr. Dre’s album 2001 (even tho it was made in 1999) And eminem does the chorus and a verse. Really good song 100% worth a listen

4. Godzilla

this song he raps with Juice WRLD (yes he’s a mumble rapper he’s still good!) (also in the music video em pukes legos)

3. Homicide

This song is with Logic and Eminem and this song isn’t anything special except it’s awesome!

2. Guilty Conscience

this song is featuring Dr. Dre

  1. Stan. now this song isn’t really made with her he stole the song but she’s in the music video and everything so I’m counting it. This is so popular and awesome

FI Horror Recaps Number 24 Killer Sofa (2019)

This is a horror movie made in 2019 in Wellington!!!!!! It was really cool watching this movie because I reconized loads of the places. Like the beach and other places. It’s also quite funny. Loads of a cringey bad acting. A good movie tho. I think one scene was set in a house in our street. Not ours (sad). It has a bit of boring moments in it. It doesn’t have enough kills for a movie about a killer sofa it has like 4 kills. So a bit disapointing. But this was a quite a fun little movie to watch. But it’s one I won’t watch all the time. But I enjoyed it. There is some good scenes like where the sofa attacks the boyfriend.

I rate this movie a 6 out of 10

FI Horror Recaps Number 23 Friday The 13th Part 2

This is the second movie to Friday The 13th. I honestly think this movie is a bit better than the original but only because it gets into it straight away with action and killing (loads of gore). But I like it a bit more I think because Jason kills in it. Seeing his Mum kill for him is good tho. The thing that is confusing is that in the first one she’s fighting because of the death of Jason then Jason kills for the death of his Mum. So isn’t he dead! I haven’t seen any other movies of friday the 13th apart from part 1 & 2 but I know that he’s dead in a new begining and then in the next movie Jason Lives he’s alive again. What the heck Friday The 13th! Is he dead or alive. Make up your mind. Jason kills in this one but he doesn’t have his Iconic mask. He’s wearing a bag over his head in this one. But in part 3 he’ll get his awesome horror mask

Part 2

Part 3

And also there’s a bit of pointless ness (probs not a word but I don’t give!) But hey isn’t that every friday movie. It’s a really good movie and there is one partticular scene I freakin LOVE! Is the scene where this girl thinks someone’s in her house and there is a whole horror build up. Then she goes in her fridge to get something to eat and there’s a choped off head in the fridge and BOOM! Jason stabs her. It’s the opening scene of the movie.

So reviews and kills over. This was a great movie 9 out of 10 see you in the next one