Shopping Karts Albums. (Yes, we know carts isn’t spelt KARTS)

rap rock comedy band. Sam and I. We realeased 2 things. One was our first album, ‘Til The Wheels Fall Off.

Then I realised one of the main songs on the nearly here album 2, Are You Ready 4 Madness?

The song is about my cute as dog: Bowie. It’s called bowie the dog. It’s a music video.

The albums link is here.

Bowie The Dog (Official Music Vide0) album 2 sneak peak:

Please take a listen, I need to get Bowie The Dog to a hundred views, which is only seven more people.

PLEASE take a listen to the album, as much support, views, likes, subscribers and comments we get from it is amazing.

FI Horror Recaps #63 Scream (2022)

Now, this movie is gonna get a special FI reward. I know, FI reward don’t mean anything. It’s not like it’s going to be anything special. The reward is


That is a great thing, because I think this might be the only great reboot.

Oh, sorry, not reboot, REQUAL! Requal is a combo of Reboot and Sequal. Requal. It’s cool they introduced something cool like that. I wonder if it’s inspired any film makers to make requals?

It is great, the kills are great, it’s diffrent from the original. The original is better, but it’s the second best in the series so far, and I feel like it will stay that way after I watch Scream 3 & 4.

8 out of 10.

Scream 6 is coming out. Maybe that will beat Scream 5 in my ratings

What do you think?

FI Horror Recaps #62: Carrie (2013)

Carrie was such a good original movie, there is no need to remake it. It wasn’t bad, it just felt like we had already seen it. We were just watching it with more modern camera filming. And they added phones in the story, like texting and uploading videos to YouTube. I guess that was pretty cool.

I mean, the prom scene was good, but yet again, it was exactly like the original classic scene. This scene was no where near as good as the classic scene. I did like when people were in the car and Carrie blows them up as they try to escape/run Carrie over. That was awesome! Best kill of the movie, and maybe best part of the whole movie, haha!

I give it a 5 out of 10.

That rating is usually me saying the movie wasn’t terrible but was quite average.

And in this case, it also means it wasn’t needed.