Most recent horror films I’ve watched: Ultimate Horror Recaps.

Okay. The last horror recaps/review I did was Get Out. And since then, I’ve watched (I think) exactly ten more horror reviews. So, I haven’t been up to date. Here’s what I thought about the new films I watched:

Okay, let’s start with a classic that I should have watched sooner, because it’s one of the most influentual horror films ever.

Pretty great, but also… kinda long. Two hours and… well… coulda been 80 or so minutes. Love heaps of it though. Pretty great. But… let’s just say it’s a little overrated.

Heaps of people are going to be mad at me, so I won’t say much in this mini review. It was a mess, and I enjoyed very little of it… sorry 😦

Was this movie absolutely brilliant? No! But… I watched it with my cousins at night, down in Christchurch, and was that fun? Yes, absolutely! And it’s still good. Solid film with a great plot. My point is, it doesn’t have to be absolutely amazing for it to be a fun, enjoyable movie experience.

Amazing. It’s about number nine on my top ten horror films list. No jokes. It was the best horror film since ages, it was great, the Grabber (Ethen Hawk) does a brilliant job, and it’s suspensful and just so good. I also especially liked the part when the kid wakes up, sees the Grabber, and asks him what he was doing.

‘I just wanted to stair at you.’

Eh… it’s okay??? (confusing silence…) mOvInG oN!

Robert Dinero carries this kinda average movie. His preformance is excellent. I also liked how dark it was, but it got a little too weird. Not much to say really, better than 1922, probably better than It Follows, so not the worst horror film I’ve seen recently… but quite okay. Also, this is kinda a thriller, not a horror, but I’m counting it.

This was… excellent! Watched this at a sleepover, we both loved it. It was beautifully shot and directed and really suspensful and intense. It sometimes feels like you’re watching a film on mute, but that’s kind of it’s charm. Also, something crazy happens at the start! Something that will change the whole film… it’s crazy.

I’m going to (kind of) spoil this film a bit, so MAYBE don’t read if you haven’t watched? The spoiler is… half way through this film, a bunch of criminal have moved to Mexico, and then vampires are introduced. And I liked the crime/thriller vibes at the start, and I loved the start, and the vampires were cool at the start… but then the movie kinda got silly and the end wasn’t strong.

Absolutely stupid. That’s the review.

Absolutely great. With great jumpscares. Also I loved the ending and how dark it was. I loved heaps of the unexpected things that happen, and it’s hard to explain the plot. So I won’t… nEXt!

The last half was a bit rushed… the first half was great and fun. M3GAN would kick Annabelle’s ass, because, screw Annabelle, a.k.a Female Chucky.

Loved this… loved the actor of Hannibal Lecter’s preformance, it’s so well done, and Hannibal Lecter’s escape plan was so good. He plays around with Clarrice and the cat and mouse game is so good. And the sequences with Buffalo Bill are so well done and weird. Hannibal Lecter ate someone’s liver (with fava beans) and his escape plan is so good, and, as a bonus, he eats someone’s face (spoiler alert.)

Okay. Those are my reviews…

Pinocchio Pantemime Review

This was one of, if not the best pantemime yet. That was crazy considering Gavin Ruthorford wasn’t the main character, which I was a little sad about, but his replacement was pretty good. Also… Gavin Ruthorford made a cameo around about half way through it.

Most of the characters where really good, I really liked Pinocchio, they were really good, I really liked the cat, I think she was my favourite, the Weta was a highlight, Gepetto was pretty decent, the humor was good, it didn’t feel like it dragged on, the music was alright. It was really enjoyable.

It was my seventh time. My second pantemime was Peter Pan, and I remember that being my favourite, so I am not sure if my favourite is Pinocchio, but I think it is my favourite. I went with a friend, we thought we had outgrown the pantemime, maybe it wouldn’t be great for us but is for all ages with the kiddy stuff, then the adult inuendoes and jokes on movies and whatnot.

It was really good.

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