The Little Mermaide Review.

Someone told me what my review would be like. Gavin Rutherford. He said, from the stage, ”I know your review is going to be like, ‘Oscar!! You’re gonna say I’m too old for this but I still liked it”’. (He is the narator/ Lyall’s mum and I know I said ”he” but he dresses up as a female everytime).

This pantomime was The Little Mermaid. 

Circa Theatre - Don't forget Earlybird ticket sales end this Friday! No  need to thank us for the reminder, we know, we're lifesavers. This year  Gavin Rutherford returns as our beloved Dame: “

This one is my new favourite. I remember thinking Peter Pan was the best.

Audio described panto at Circa Theatre, Arts Access Aotearoa

But I watched that when I was like six, so I can’t fully remember it well. So I’m just going to say that the best pantomime is The Little Mermaid. I went with my friend, Dahlia. I felt like this time I understood the jokes a LOT more. The Little mermaid had some good characters. Gavin was the best but I liked all of them. It was really funny especially now that I understand the jokes more. It was funny when they talked to the audience or when they made the audience shout something or do something. But this time we couldn’t go on stage because of COVID 19 😦

But also if we had to go on stage I would have had to dance. It was really fun going to the pantomime and I laughed quite a lot. I liked the part where the guy was talking and there was sign language just like on the news. I didn’t think I would like it but I do actually love it. I thought it would be cringy. Well, it was cringy. In a good way, I’m pretty sure everyone knows it’s cringy. But it was great!         

FI Horror Recaps Number 62: Carrie

Carrie was a great movie. One of the best Stephen King movies I’ve seen. It’s not the best because it is a bit weird (and I dont know why) and it isnt even that scary untill…


The mother is so funny yet so creepy and Carrie is creepy aswell. It has loads of kills (idk, like 73) and OMG this movie was excitting when she was just about to go to the dance. You know what’s about to happen and it’s gonna get intense AF. This was the first Stephen King movie and book actually. It has John Trovolta which was cool and as much as this feels some what weird I really love it.

9 out of 10

FI Horror Recaps Number 61 Cujo

Cujo is a great movie! People hate it but I really enjoyed it. OKAY… It doesnt have that much action in the first half and has a lot of random stupid stuff. But still… It’s not as boring as people say it is. And of course it’s TERRIFYING 😨

Well only when the (SPOILER ALEART) car breaks down and they cant drive it and cujo is RIGHT OUTSIDE 😱 🤯

Even the other half of it is decent. As much as when the whole break-up thing happened I wanted CUJO to be in it but still the other half was entertaining, and only a tiny bit boring

On a scale of 1 to 10 on how boring it is I would give it a 4

On a scale of 1 to 10 on how scary it is I would give it an 8.5

On a scale of 1 to 10 of ENJOYMENT I would give a 7

It’s a 7 out of 10 movie.