Pinocchio Pantemime Review

This was one of, if not the best pantemime yet. That was crazy considering Gavin Ruthorford wasn’t the main character, which I was a little sad about, but his replacement was pretty good. Also… Gavin Ruthorford made a cameo around about half way through it.

Most of the characters where really good, I really liked Pinocchio, they were really good, I really liked the cat, I think she was my favourite, the Weta was a highlight, Gepetto was pretty decent, the humor was good, it didn’t feel like it dragged on, the music was alright. It was really enjoyable.

It was my seventh time. My second pantemime was Peter Pan, and I remember that being my favourite, so I am not sure if my favourite is Pinocchio, but I think it is my favourite. I went with a friend, we thought we had outgrown the pantemime, maybe it wouldn’t be great for us but is for all ages with the kiddy stuff, then the adult inuendoes and jokes on movies and whatnot.

It was really good.

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