spiderman far from home movie review

In Hawaii I saw Spiderman Far From Home – funny because I was seeing the movie far from my home! It stars Tom Holland, Jake Gyllenhall and Zendaya . It was my first ever 3D movie. In every Marvel movie the logo has all the Avengers on it – when watched it in 3D the super heroes actually came right to you, like they were bursting out from the screen. It was so cool. In Avengers Endgame Iron Man dies so in this Spiderman Peter Parker is very sad. They go to Europe on a school trip. Nick Fury wants to see Spiderman. Then when he finds him he takes him to his lab and meets Rex aka Mysterio. Spiderman has a friend named Ned – he is quite funny. Spiderman has a crush on MJ played by Zendaya. Later on, Peter finds the machine ‘edith’ which does what you say. Mysterio tricks Peter into giving him ‘edith’ and peter has the thing Mysterio wants so Msterio tries to kill him but he doesn’t win. 5 stars out of 5.

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