the smart squirels

i’m making a band called the smart squirels i play the drums jay plays the keybords felix plays the bass guitar cassius plays the lead guitar i made a song caled blame it on me cassius made a song called wiff death feli made a song called the magical zoo jay made a song called video games i made asong called robot dance cassius made a song called cocanut felix made a song called flying jay made a song called i dont want to mary you  we have all ready  made 5 albums !!

osc amp

4 thoughts on “the smart squirels”

  1. Hi Oscar, what a great name for your band! I manage musicians and a name can be the first thing that makes people pay attention. You should draw the logo for the band- ask your dad about how bands have a way of writing their name that makes people remember it And recognise it. Look at your dads vinyl and see how bands use the same way to write it over and over

    I am fascinated to hear the lyrics to I dont want to marry you’.


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  2. WOW,Oscar! Five albums is amazing. I think Lorraine has given you some really good advise.

    I look forward to hearing some of the songs. Well done and keep up the great work with your friends.

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  3. That is a lot of albums! Great song titles. I’m looking forward to a performance next time I’m over – or maybe you could record a bit of video for me and send it to me? I’d love to hear some of your drumming.

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