crossover new cartoon

In Jeremy and Fat Cop there is going to be a crossover episode with Sam oh Sam in the episode Jeremy and fat cop take a road trip to San Francisco that is were sam oh sam live Jeremy and fat cop need to come and stay in someones house Emma from Sam oh Sam lets them come and stay with them Sam gets very drunk so he tries to ride Jeremy the horse and they all start fighting each other and then there is crossover number 2  in this episode Jeremy and fat cop are going to the airport because they are going to Hawaii and so are Sam oh Sam. Jeremy sees them and remembers them they are standing right next to each other fat cop and Jeremy are trying to stay away from Sam oh Sam but then they end up next to each other on the plane and when they arrive they all go to the same hotel and they are all in the same room then Jeremy and fat cop  demanded to the owner of the hotel and they say we wont to say in a different room and there is a different room but it is right next to were Sam oh Sam is staying then they go to the movies and they sit next to each other and then they go to a restaurant  they sit  next to each other

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