Jeremy and fat cop

Hi you guys I am going to tell you about the characters in Jeremy and Fat Cop: Foxy Lady is Jeremy’s girlfriend. Mr Jellyfish is the neighbour, he is a dog.  His wife is a cat, her name is Princess Marmalade. They have 2 kids, one is called Zak, he is ten years old.  They have another kid called Teddy and he is a teddy bear he is 6 years old.  King Chicken is the boss of the fat cop. And then there is the skinny cop. Chris Buttfall works with Mr Jellyfish. Chris Buttfall loves music.  There is Poo Poo, his house is the toilet. And then there is a guy named Buzz and he is a bumblebee. Jeremy’s car is called  John Cena. and Fat Cop’s car is called Dwayne Johnson. And the boss of Mr jellyfish is called Professor Underwear .

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