(a poem about our pets)

we have 2 cats

the girl is silvey

the boy was baxster

baxster was a jerk

he loved mum

he didn’t care about me

he hated dad

then one day baxter got hit by a car

when we were out

I was so sad

I was crying

mum wasn’t crying but she was still sad

dad didn’t really care

then we got into the house

i was 4

i was an idiot

i thought he was going to come back

and that he was only asleep

well i was wrong

dead wrong

we called granny & grandad

and then we burried him

in the garden

i liked cats

i also liked dogs

so me mum and dad decided to get a dog

to replace baxster

so we did

we got him in cartitin

we were going to call him phil collins

but we called him bowie

after david bowie

and bowie is

and always will be the best dog in the FRICKING WORLD

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