cinderella the pantomime review

Me and my family and my friend went to the pantomime Cinderella.

Cinderella – The Pantomime
Probably the best pantomime yet. I liked the Rat Agency, and the man who was also was a rabbit. Who came out from backstage.

I liked the part when they kept saying ‘The king is dead.’ It was really funny when the Fairy Godmother (Gavin Rutherford) said I’m 3000 years old but i don’t look a day over 2000. They sang the song Holding Out For a Hero. And we went on the stage and we popped bubbles. There even was a part where the fake hamster fell and it wasn’t on purpose. I also like when Cinderella traded her only shoes for a HUGE pumkpin. And when the fairy godmother couldn’t say Cinderella – she kept saying funny names that rhymed but weren’t correct.

It was a really good show. You should definately go and see it.


Go to Circa Theatre to get your tickets – don’t miss out!

One thought on “cinderella the pantomime review”

  1. Hi Oscar I loved your review. It sounds like it was lot of fun…Poppa and I would definitely love to go…would you like to come with us?

    love from Diggy and poppa xx

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