Fi horror recaps Number 1: IT Miniseries 1990 (STEPHEN KING)

It (TV Mini-Series 1990) - IMDb

Good movie. I thought it was fun to watch, entertaining

And I also thought the second half got a bit tihs. But the first half and most of the second half I really enjoyed. Sure, Tim Curry was not scary and a tiny bit funny but that made me enjoy this movie a lot. And also this was the first horror movie I watched. 

9 people died in it. The kills were not that epic because they were all off-screen. My least favourite kill is when one of the bullies Vic got chased and fell on the steps. PFF WOW really cool special effects (NOT) my favourite kill was when the girl is near the clothing line on her bike singing incy wincy spider. The scene was kinda creepy.  

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