Fi horror recaps Number 4 child’s play 1988 (tom holland)

Child's Play movie review & film summary (1988) | Roger Ebert 9 out of 10 

As you can see from my rating (9 out of 10) you can probably tell I love this movie. It was better than child’s play 3 and it was scarier than 3 as well. It’s about a 6 year old boy who gets a doll for his birthday, Chucky. But then they find out he’s evil. And killing people. Well  6 people died in it. My least favourite kill was charles lee ray. He literally just gets shot twice then bled out (bull crap) my favourite kill was aunt maggie she falls out of the window of their apartment (really high) and she falls cause Chucky throws a hammer in her face. I chose it for my favourite because it actually freaked me out and I stopped watching it and then watched it another day when I was confident. No other kills freaked me out and the scene had nice creepy music and it was quite a jump scare! 

That was FI horror recaps. Next recap will be child’s play 2 coming like really soon

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