the main project I am working on

so on my website I mainly do horror recaps and poems and I am not doing much latley. I’m not really a poet any more. I’m just not doing it. And with horror recaps the ONLY reason I am not doing it is because
I am not watching any horror movies at all. But I am working on a cartoon that I write on google docs. It’s called The Family Farm. It’s not me just talking crap saying Ideas. I actually write them. It’s not stupid Sam Oh Sam remeber that bullcrap I was like 7 and 8 at that time trying to be like adult cartoons like Family Guy. Meanwhile then I couldn’t tie my shoelasses. So yeah I only just started The Family Farm recently it’s about a Dad and he works at a movie theater and the mum is a vet. They live on a farm house an a bunch of crazy crap happens. I am going to make a list of ideas for episodes. Do you have any ideas? Comment on this if you do

peace out

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