FI Horror Reacps Number 25 Friday The 13th Part 3

So this is the third movie to the Friday The 13th. I really enjoyed it. It had a lot of gorey kills

And It was good to see Jason in the hockey mask. There was this funny loon called Shelly and he pretend to die so many times so when he did they all thought he was joking. There was even some funny scenes in this. Not much tho. It’s pretty scary. All of these movies are the same. Bunch of weird teenagers driving a truck, a stupid skinny dipping scene (gross), All at a camp ground. But in the next one it’s not at a camp ground so I’m looking forward to that. There is this awesome kill right here

(watch the video I dare you!!)

This movie had 12 Kills! My Favourite was the handstand one. And I don’t have a least favourite but I will say there was a kind of good-ish bad kill where he sqeuzes this guy’s head to death.

It’s awesome but it’s so obviously a fake head look at this

Tommorow I’m gonna watch 2 horror movies and on saturday i’m watching 4!!!!!! Horror movies and there all classics so I’m gonna need to do 6 so there’s gonna be a lot of horror movie recaps next week! So 100% stay chuned and comment on this and tell me whether you like horror movies cuz there epic or you dislike horror movies cuz they freak you out

This is a 9 out of 10


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