FI Horror Recaps Number 34 Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday

This movie was just good. It felt a bit weird. Worst thing is Jason gets killed in the first 15 minutes of the movie. And he spends no time in hell. And a doctor eats his heart for the stupidest reason. The reason is

drum roll please

For no reason at all!
I mean give us a reason

why did he have to EAT! His heart. Yummy! And then his heart passes to diffrent humans so it’s not really even Jason well it kind of is Jason but just in another humans body. And if you saw Jason in hell for ANY time of the movie it could have been pretty creative and have a great storyline. This storyline is just straight up disturbing. And geuss who eats his heart. It’s the doctor who operates on Jason’s dead body. But enough of me hating on this it’s time for the good things. This movie had loads of gore. It went hard out on blood guts and fire. It’s epic!
And they made a restraunght to celebrate the death of Jason. They had a burger called The Vorhease Burger and fish sticks called JasonSticks. And they made the patties of the burger look like a hockey mask

this movie is alright but one of the worst of the series (Better than number 8)

I give it a 5 out of 10

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