Ranking The Friday The 13th Movie *Worst To Best*

Yo! Today I’m gonna rank all the friday the 13th movies Including Freddy Vs. Jason and not including the reboot. I just finished and I will do A Nightmare On Elm Street ranking when I’ve finished (one movie to go but I’m not watching the reboot) So lets get into it #11 The worst friday the 13th movie is…

Jason X

Now this movie is just really bad. That’s all. I think it didn’t need to happen. If you’ve seen my recap of it than you know how much I hate this movie. It’s boring I hate the look of Jason. I hate the space settings and the characters. Good things about the movie are.. Kills. That’s it. You’re so lucky if you’ve never watched this movie before

Jason Takes Manhatten

This was the first bad Jason Vourhees movie. And let me tell you it was bad. He did not take manhatten he took a boat to vanhoover. And the first 10 minutes were epic then when he got on about it was trash. Then when he got into New York it was good trash. It’s boring & cringe. It’s just bad. Good things about it is him in new york. Him fighting that dude on the top of the building. And the begining

Very bad movie but I had 7% love for this movie

#9 Jason Goes To Hell

This movie was avrege. I wish you could see Jason in hell but you didn’t. MORE CLICKBAIT! Liars. I don’t like the bloodline of the vourhees storyline or the fact that Jason’s soul can transfer in to other peoples bodies. Good things about this movie is the gore. I love the effects and that’s about it. I could re watch this but I’m deffinitly not in a rush to that’s all.

#8 A New Blood

Well this was a solid good movie. A total Carrie rip off but that doesn’t matter. Jason looks pretty cool and The storyline is solid. Bad things about this movie is the boring characters and the ending. A good movie that I will totally re-watch

#7 The Final Chapter

This movie was good. I like the kills. It had enjoyable characters and apart from Jason I really like Tommy who is in other great movie like The Gonnies, The Lost Boys and Stand By Me

#6 A New Beggining

Now I know people hate this movie but its actually really good. Funny, good blood, and just enjoyable and 100% rewatchable. I like that old lady who swears. This movie was a bit cringe at times but the acting was mostly good and Jason wasn’t the killer which was sad but not that sad… So yeah this is number 6 which some people would put it at last but I think that’s BS

#5 Jason Lives

Now this movie was really good and really enjoyable. It’s a good comeback for Jason and it has loads of good kills. It got a little bit slow but it’s really good. I enjoyed the first scene where they acidently bring Jason back to life.

#4 Freddy Vs. Jason
Now this movie was really good. I just reviewed it today so I don’t really want to review it again ( Lazy, sorry) but here is the link https://fascinatinginspires.com/2021/07/07/fi-horror-recaps-number-43-freddy-vs-jason/

Number 3 Friday The 13th

This movie is excellent. Great set up to the first movie. Good gore. 20 minutes of it was slow. That’s it. That’s why it’s number 3. I really like Pamular Voorhees as the killer and I like the way the camera follows her around.

Number 2 Friday The 13th Part 2

This movie was really really good. It has the best final girl of the series. And of course the introduction to the one and only motherfricking Jason Vorhees. It was hard to choose between part 2 and part 3 but part 3 is the one where he gets his mask.. speaking of which

Number 1 Friday The 13th Part 3

This movie was AWESOME. Good Jason kills. People hate it. If your one of those people stop reading this right now. I love this whole movie and It has my favourite kill. 2 Words Headstand Spare. HECK YEAH. The bad things about this movie is….


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