HEY!!!!!! It’s my 50th horror movie celebration HALF WAY THERE TO 100!

I watched 2 creepy movies. One before the horror celebration just to get started. It was Lights Out which I just did. Yesterday I looked at my first horror movie recap/my first horror movie ever watched! And I noticed how bad the writting was how short it was and how just all together bad it was. And reading my new ones it’s 1000x better. Anyway to get on with the movie if you didn’t already know SlenderMan is blowing up the internet because of how scary he is and I strongly disagree. He kills people and lives in the woods. He has no face. And when you look at him you get abucted by him. Now this movie was good and bad. It was meh. Loads of great stuff did happen. I enjoyed how one of the girls died and then they have a theory that it’s SlenderMan and they go to the woods and reasearch on him. And of course when you see him. Slenderman is more of an Internet trend than a horror movie icon. It’s a video game to start with and that’s creepier than the movie. The reason because is this movie had to cut out loads of scary stuff. There was gonna be a girl stabbing herself in the eye but they had to cut that stuff out for a M rating. Bullcrap! I could rewatch it. I could go either way. It’s good. It’s bad.

It’s a 5 out of 10

Decent movie

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