Eminem Albums Ranked Worst To Best

  1. (worst) 
EMINEM - REVIVAL - LP Vinyl | Discobole.gr

This album sucks. His worst songs are on here. 



I hate those songs so much. But it has a decent amount of good songs on it like 




And that’s pretty much it. 

Usually I love rock but the whole rock sample doesn’t work. It’s fricking eminem. Are you a rapper or a rockstar? Make up your mind. This album is so boring but I mean it’s not as bad as people say it is 

  1. The Marshall Mathers LP 2
The Marshall Mathers LP 2 - Wikipedia

This album is very boring. Overplayed. Not musical. But hey it has loads of great songs on it like Survival, The Monster and of course you can’t forget Rap God it’s one of his top songs. Love it. This is a decent album but nothing special. It’s quite boring, songs like Rhyme Or Reason and Don’t Front are just really really boring. Not as bad as Revival. But pretty bad. 

  1. Encore
Encore by Eminem (Album, Hip Hop): Reviews, Ratings, Credits, Song list -  Rate Your Music

Well this album is pretty bad but it’s also got some great songs on it. Like, Like Toy Soldiers, Just Lose It, Yellow Brick Road, Never Enough, Puke, Mosh, MockingBird. So It’s good. But there are loads of bad songs like Evil Deeds, Big Weenie, My First Single. And they suck so much. Awful! 

  1. Relapse
Album: Eminem, Relapse (Aftermath/Shady) | The Independent | The Independent

This is a good album. Nothing awesome, just good. Great songs on here like 3AM, Beautiful, Wide Awake & My Mum. It does have some weird accents on there but they are actually funny and he’s just taking the piss. So it’s not too bad. I enjoy this album a lot. 

  1. Recovery 

This album is so good. Great songs. This album is huge. His most popular songs are on here. Not Alike, Space Bound, No Love, Love The Way You Lie & There are loads of non-popular songs on here that I love. Like Cold Wind Blows, On Fire, So Bad. Love this album!!!! 

  1. The Slim Shady LP 

This album is his first. The classic. Love pretty much all the songs. My Name Is (obviously), Guilty Conscience, 97 Bonnie And Clyde, Just Don’t Give A f$$$$, Still don’t give a f$$$$ 

Just a great album. The only thing is he is new and his voice is quiet squeaky 

  1. Music To Be Murdered 

Love this album a lot. It’s great. Love the songs. Little Engine, Leaving Heaven, Premonition, & More. The only bad song on this album is Yah Yah (shooooot meeeeeeeeee) 

Now it’s up to my 3 favourite Eminem albums and I will say they are pretty much all tied. But if I had to rank them than here they are

  1. The Marshall Mathers LP 

This album’s rules. Stan, The Real Slim Shady, Criminal, Who Knew. Loads of classics. I just love this album but the reason this is only 3 is because it has loads of meh songs like Remember Me and Kim. But I love this album. 

  1. Kamikaze

Love this album so much!!!!! Kamikaze/The diss album has some of my ever favourite songs. The Ringer & Lucky You are just perfect. There is only one song that is bad. Nice guy (ooof that sucks) But this is so awesome (if you disagree stop reading) 

My favourite is 

  1. The Eminem Show

Oh my god this album is so awesome. Drips is the only bad song on this album. So many good songs on here. Till I collapse, Without Me, White America

This album rules and don’t let anybody tell you different

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