FI Horror Recaps Number 55 Halloween III Season Of The Witch

This movie is bad. It’s boring, there’s no point of it and it’s SOOOOOOO weird. And it’s not just a tiny bit boring it’s really boring. Throught out the whole movie it’s boring. But the storyline is actually good. I think they just needed to tell the story a bit better. I hate the doctor and I hate the seting of the movie. The storyline is decent of the robots. But I love the story of the kids and the halloween advert but it’s bearly in the movie AT ALL! It’s by far the worst halloween movie yet. BY FAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do like the kills. But that doesn’t change how BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD this movie is! Like Jason X is my least favourite horror movie and it has great kills. Kills are good but they dont matter. The thing that annoys me is that this movie sucks but could have been great. And Michael Myers isn’t even in it! Now it’s stuck with a 3.5 rating out of 10.

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