FI Horror Recaps Number 60 Gremlins

This movie was AWESOME! I watched it yesterday at a birthday with my best friend Nicholas but people were making lego and being loud so I watched it one more time today so I could fully recap it. I still loved it while watching it at the party but I needed to watch it ONE more time.

But I did so forget that lets start the review.

This was a great film. I love the story and first of all I was laughing a LOT while watching this film. I was like wondering if I shouldnt do a horror review because its SO funny. Like when the mean gremlins are singing the christmas card. And when the nice gremlins are watching TV and playing video games. Our when the mean gremlins throw a party were the drink alchahol. It’s just such a funny movie.

I would rate it a 8.5 out of 10. So almost perfect. But not quite

Next horror recap will be Cat’s Eye (Stephen King) tommorow. (Hopefully)

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