Top 10 rappers.

Now, I am not going to review them. I am just going to tell you the list. I will do a sperate review of the rappers and their music in seperate posts. But yeah, here you go. If you for some reason have a top 10 or 5 rapper list, tell me.

10. Beastie Boys

9. Wu-Tang Clan.

8. Nas.

7. Snoop Dogg.

6. 2Pac.

5. Kanye West.

4. Biggie. (Notorious B.I.G.)

3. Jay-Z

2. Eminem.

  1. Kendrick Lamar.

Movie Reviews No. 2: Minions: Rise Of Gru.

This movie was good fun but super silly. Like, RZA in this movie has this sorta necklace thing, and they want it. When they get there, he just GIVES it to them and is all friendly. It has some good moments like when they learn Kung Fu. I think it’s funny. It started a whole new thing on Social Media, especially TikTok called ”The Minion Cult” it’s hilarious!

I think it started good then got a little silly and forced. I enjoyed though, it was not bad at all and it’s actually better than average.

My Stephen King Mixed Horror Trilogy.

If you’re a Stephen King fan, watch this at night.

We start with The Shinning. A movie to put you on the edge of your seat. A good long movie, a classic, and a great movie to start off things.

Now, movie two is a little less scary. We are going with my favourite horror movie ever, Misery. A good creepy movie, a little funny, and a great plot. A good movie for the middle. It’s also because it’s the shortest (SPOILER)

Now I am planning for this trilogy to END creepy like it started.

IT (2017!) Now this is actually a list of my top 3 Stephen King horror movies, but it’s still the great trilogy I wanted. It’s a great creepy movie. IT will leave you still scared because it ends on a cliff hanger because everyone knows it comes back in 27 years.