The Beatles

Hi guys, I am going to make a Beatles movie. I know a lot about The Beatles.

It all started when John Lennon formed a band and they were playing and Paul saw him and came up to him then John asked Paul to join his band. Then John meet a man named Stuart. He joined the band to play bass, they called themselves Johnny and the Moondogs.

Then they turned it into The Silver Beetles, that changed to The Beatles in 1960. They also finally got themselves a drummer named Pete Best. In 1962 they got another guy named Ringo. Stuart left so then Paul McCartney started to play bass. They played at the BBC and recorded their first album, Please Please Me. It was released in 1963. Then they started to go on tour. They started to make another album, it was called With The Beatles. When they played live every one was screaming so loud the couldn’t hear themselves play. They became actors – they made a film called A Hard Day’s Night. The songs in the film were ones they wrote. The soundtrack was their third album.  Then John got married to Cynthia and they had a son named Julian. The Beatles made two more albums on tour then they went home, they got feed up with all of it. Back in England, they started to make Revolver and Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band in 1967. In 1967 they found out their manager Brian Epstein had died. They were really lost without him, they made a very crap film called Magical Mystery Tour – yet again the soundtrack was one of their albums…

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