The Beatles – part 2: Why did they break up?

Hi guys, welcome back to my website. Two days ago I made a story about The Beatles on  my website. And now i’m going to tell you why they broke up if you didn’t read my other story here is a link.

When they went back home from touring in the USA they started making their album Revolver and then Sgt Pepper, then they found out that their manager Brian Epstein died.  They couldn’t do it without him. They were working on an album just called The Beatles, most people call it The White Album. George Harrison got very mad because he wrote so many songs for the album and lots of them did not get released. In fact George wrote the song My Sweet Lord. And Paul and John thought it was stupid. Ringo left the band and they all sent him postcards. He was having a great time in the sea looking down under water and that is how he wrote Octopus’ Garden.  They were finally trying to get a new manager. Paul says his father in law should do it and the others were like hell no so they got Allen Klein but Paul warned them that he is a Terrible person, The Rolling Stones told Paul not to go near him but they wouldn’t listen. He was trying to rip them of and then John decided to break up the band and hang out with Yoko Ono.

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