how john lennon got shot

John  lived in a inpartment and down the road lived his friend James Taylor now for the story on how john lennon got shot it all started one night James Taylor just got of the bus and this crazy old guy ran up to him and said i Khow you you’re James Taylor you’re freinds with john lennon I’ve got a progect with john lennon starting very soon then when James Taylor got home he called hi friend on the phone and then told her the story of what happined then they herd five gun shots James Taylor said Thats the police they always use five gun shots to make shore that the bad guys are  dead  and then she hung up on him and called him back 15 minuents later and said that is not the poilece somebody just merded john lennon then James watched the news and he saw the guy who killed john lennon and it was the same guy who ran up to him now was that a cool story did you like it i hope you did buy guys

2 thoughts on “how john lennon got shot”

  1. I didn’t know James and John we’re friends and that he had been a witness of some kind.
    Thank you Oscar your storytelling is indeed insightful and entertaining. Love that you are doing this.. keep going.
    Kia kaha. Marie

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