a poem called reggae


Alliance Entertainment Bob Marley Legend 50th Anniversary Edition Vinyl  Record | Dillard's

My dad loves reggae.

in my opinion

I hate reggae 

There are a few reggae songs that i like, like 

No woman no cry, 

England is a bitch,

And get up stand up.

But other than that i really don’t care about reggae.

The main reggae artist that dad likes is bob marley.

I remember one time i ordered DVDs of regular show 

And dad ordered a bunch of bob marley records. 

(By the way, if you don’t know what regular show is, it is a TV show for adults and children about a blue jay and a raccoon that work at a park with a monkey, a hi-five ghost, a weird sloppy disgusting dude called muscle man, and a monkey. And their boss is a gumball machine. You should go watch regular show it’s one of my favourite shows) 

Then dad’s bob marley records turned up in the mail box before my DVDs came 

I was real pissed off

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