FI horror recaps number 15 child’s play 2019 (Lars Klevberg)

Child's Play (2019 film) - Wikipedia

9 out of 10

This is the remake of Child’s Play. Even though it’s super different and it took me a wee bit to get used to the Technology Chucky but I loved it. If you love the Chucky series then GO WATCH THIS MAN! Also I feel sorry for Chucky when they kill him. Hear me out, this Chucky wants to be friends with Andy. And their is a hilarious scene where Chucky comes at Andy and his friends with a knife and goes ‘sup’ B*TCH’ over and over then he slices Andy’s hand and Andy yells at him and Chucky says ‘I thought it would make you happy.’ And then they put him in the room and he’s all sad and goes

‘I’m sorry Andy’ in that sobby voice.

Also I loved the dark killing of this movie too. This movie is so dark even though it’s only got 7 kills. So the worst kill is the man who is dead and they walk past him. Dude that sentence is so boring to read what the heck man. The best kill is the guy who falls off the ladder it also causes one of the funniest momments of the movie


and they teach Chucky to say 2PAC. They teach him how to say TOTAL DICK and STEAL SNACKS FROM THE VENDING MACHINE

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