O4AWESOME Episode 6 (My Band… Short Blog)

I have a band. Ok I know yesterday I said I will do music only every monday. Forget what I said that’s dumb

Never, Ever Meet Your Heroes - Joey Cape Joins 'That Sucks!' - That Sucks!  | Acast

and I’m tired writting this and I’m bored so this is going to be quick. On friday I will be more happy. Cuz I’m not happy at the moment.

So the real reason I’m making this short is because I already made a story about us and it’s on this site so check it out. A couple of monts ago we started a private youtube channel. We made a video on teleportation

here is the link (don’t judge the bad quality)

we do have albums… BUT they are pretend. Well there not pretend. We use my dad’s Zoom Recorder and we record our self playing. On our youtube channel we do music videos, videos talking about videos…. And teloporting videos. My favourite song by us is If Magic Was real. Which is also on our channel

link here BTWhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1HrdidS6YY

Our heros are… Queen, Led Zepplin, We basiacly just listen to 80’s rock and roll. One of our favourite Led Zepplin songs is Kashmir and we even did a try not to sing along video. And we listened to songs that were so catchy.. and we did a punichment when we sang along. I won’t tell you what it is because you can find out with the link to the video right here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KTQsCCFOhJo

We hate pop. I love rap but I hate like Pink and Taylor Swift and Justin Beiber. Now you might think were crazy but we hate it because it’s over taking rock and metal. I don’t know a single good rock band that is now around

(unless you count the old Queen members touring with Adam Lambert)

So if you haven’t read my story on our band you will get more info and I’ll see you on friday with the topic of The Simpsons


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