FI Horror Recaps Number 30 A Nightmare On Elm Street 2 Freddie’s Revenge

Ok so this movie wasn’t that good. I was disapointed. It has nothing to do with Revenge and Freddie isn’t in it that much. But there was still some good scenes.

I enjoy the storyline about Freddie taking over the kid’s body but it’s just you know a bit

BORING!!!! There wasn’t that many kills in it until the pool party where Freddie killed like 9 people and the pool party is probably the best part of the movie. Our the scene in the shower were a caretaker burns to death that was fun. But the movie was hella slow with loads of dumb writing that didn’t make scence. They just didn’t care for this one. The first one was awesome and the second one just felt way to diffrent and I think sequals shouldn’t have completly diffrent stories especially if there titaled saying it’s the revenge of someone who died. But I deffinitly don’t hate this movie. The opening scene with the bus and how the driver is Freddy Krueger is pretty sick. If he was getting revenge on the main people in the first movie that would have been great. And even tho the pool party scenes were really good it’s a little weird seeing Freddy Kreuger at a pool party

So this movie is a 5 out of 10

So it’s 50/50

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