FI Horror Recaps Number 29 Scream! (1996)

Hey! Yes you! Do you wanna know the rules to survive horror movies and have loads of horror movie refrences. Then this movie is for you! Wait you don’t want to! Okay then stop reading. You might have already seen it cuz it’s a classic it’s called Scream

It’s about a killer called GhostFace who calls people, stalks them and kills them. I really enjoyed it because there was those refrences and the rules. The 2 R’s made it good. And the end with all the blood was BRUTAL!

I love the opening scene with the horror trivia and he tells her if she gets the horror movie qeustion right she lives. It’s also kind off funny.. KIND OF! GhostFace is a pretty big horror movie Icon. Come on! You must have seen at least one kid dress up as Ghost Face for Halloween

And it was cool watching this after watching Halloween cuz they refrence it a LOT! Scream is good but it’s like a bit slow I enjoyed it but it’s not one I’ll watch it over and over and over again I give it an

8 out of 10 So it’s good okay! I like it!

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