FI Horror Recaps Number 28 Halloween (1978)

This movie was awesome because it’s kind of the grandaddy of modern horror. It was awesome the scenes where they see Michael Myers but he then just disapears even tho he’s super S L O W

Not much happens in it. Babysiters look after kids, see Michael Myers and get killed. But that end scene were she kills Michael but then he gets up. And then the detective comes shoo ts him and he falls on the floor and disapears. The start was awesome. That first shot was epic. And you see the camera follow Michael

(see Friday The 13th ripped them off the movie is only 2 years older)

and kills that lady comes out the house takes of his mask and he’s like 9 years old! Then it goes to the present and he’s in his 20’s


And the jumpscares were epic. He always apears and disapears and there is just loads of action even tho the movie is kind of slow. Me and my Dad’s friend played a little game called Where’s Michael Myers while watching this movie. I think this movie is an 8.5 out of 10 I was gonna give it a 7.5 because of how it’s kind of slow but since it’s the grandad of modern horror and those jumpscares makes it a higher rating

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