FI Horror Recaps Number 36 Jason X

If I could describe this movie in 2 words they would be


and Trash

This movie was set 2455 and It’s also kind of funny the jokes in it like what’s a hockey mask? There are a few good kills but apart from that It was pure bordem watching this movie. It’s worse than Fire Starter and Jason Takes Manhatten so this movie gets the dull trophy for worst horror movie I’ve seen yet

here ya go

And I’m not just saying this but this movie absulutley dosen’t need to be a thing. In Jason Goes To Hell at the end Freddy Kreuger takes Jason’s mask and that perfectly sets up Freddy Vs. Jason (which I haven’t seen but will) but they made this movie before Freddy Vs. Jason and after Jason Goes To Hell so it’s like


And it doesn’t even try to be good. One scene you have people dying and then the next scene you have weird sci-fi science bullcrap

So I give this a 2 out of 10 }


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