Chucky Series Ranked (Including the reboot)

I love the Chucky series and I thought I should rank them. The only thing is I haven’t seen Cult Of Chucky which I’m not aloud to watch so I’ll only be able to watch that when I’m older so why the hell should I wait to rank the series. When I eventually watch cult of chucky I’ll rank them again. Also this is ranked from worst to first. And I’m including the reboot

7. Seed Of Chucky

Now it was hard to choose the worst Chucky movie but it had to be one and it’s seed of chucky. Now I actually like this movie. It’s not trash it’s just good. When it fucusis on Chucky and Tiffinay and Glen it was really good the comedy worked but when it focused on Jeniffer Tilly and RedMan it wasn’t really good and the comedy did not work. I’m not even gonna say what’s so bad about the RedMan storyline because I don’t want to but if you’ve seen seed of chucky you know what I mean

6. Child’s Play 2

NOW I HATE TO PUT CHILD’S PLAY 2 AT NUMBER 6! But looking at all the movies this one is the 6th best. When I first watched this it would have been in top 3 but now that I’ve watched it a lot it’s just quite boring. It has good scenes tho like the ruler the end battle the kills the chucky one liners and more. So this is a good movie but I’d re watch the other ones.

5. Child’s Play (2019)

this movie is pretty damn good. But the only thing that is putting it as number 5 is because it’s not the Chucky I know and love. I got used to the whole AI thing but still the old Chucky’s better. It’s funny it’s got brutal intence jumpscares. It’s really good. I would re watch this movie for sure!

4. Curse Of Chucky

This movie was the first SCARY Chucky movie and I enjoyed it A LOT! The one thing that annoys me about this movie is the unlikable characters but at least Chucky kills them in loads of fun and scary ways. It totaly changed the series since it’s the movie after Seed Of Chucky. Nica is a good character and the end of the movie was good where the dead grandma pops up at the screen. It has loads of good cliffhangers which makes me REALLY wanna watch Cult Of Chucky.

3. Child’s Play 3

I loved this movie!!!!!!!!!!!! It was the first movie of Chucky I ever saw. It has loads of good moments like Presto ya dead. The scenes in the woods at the end are bad but the scenes at the carnival at the end of the movie is great. I can’t believe I have only seen this movie once I really wanna watch it again.

2. Bride Of Chucky

This movie rules! It’s the right amount of comedy for a horror movie cuz Seed Of Chucky went to far with the comedy. The whole storyline with them in the backseet of the car killing people and then humans getting blamed is really good. And Tiffany is really good! The scene with the glass bottle and the waterbed is good everything is good. A few scenes with the teenagers are a bit boring but apart from that this movie is excellent.

  1. Child’s Play This movie is OG nothing’s bad about it. The storyline is great and simple. It has a few creepy scenes but I cant believe this movie is R16.

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